(Motorsport-Total.com) – In 12 Formula One race collected Sergio Perez this year Points. In the end, that meant tenth place for the racing level driver. He was beaten by the midfield competition in Originate by Renault and McLaren.

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Perez therefore analyzes self-critical: “We managed to improve usa step by step, but obviously not enough, I do not think we got close enough to McLaren, they were strong this year, Renault, they were one step ahead.” Only compared to Toro sees the racing-level pilot at a similar level.

In the World Cup, both Pierre Gasly and Alexander Albon rank in front of him. However, both played only half of the season with Toro Rosso, the other half for each of Crimson Bull. Nevertheless, Perez states: “They have obviously done a better job than we and scored many points, as the likelihood has offered.”

So in a crazy Brazil Mountainous Prix Gasly could secure a podium finish just before the end of the season. “In midfield it makes a big difference to be able to score those many points,” Perez says

But he's the biggest weakness with himself and racing the qualification . “The qualifying battle is not strong, but the race pace is always very strong, and the racing team did an excellent job this year as well.” That in the fight for the starting places often something was missing, the Mexicans on “a fundamental thing with the car” back.

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10. Hungary 52, Michael Schumacher in front of Juan Pablo Montoya – 0, . Race of the season, the seven-time world champion gets his first pole – but comes with power. Many suspect a low fuel charge for the race, which is part of the qualifying tactic at the time. But too early he does not even come into the field. Photo gallery

So he had problems especially on fresh tires. However, it was quite different from route to route. “Some of us were strong, others were really bad, but the midfield group trapped so close together that two-tenths in a sector were all there,” he explains

. out. For Perez, qualifying is therefore one of the most important factors for Being on par with the first four groups in midfield, if we start from there, the whole year may look different. “

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