While it has been confirmed at Ferrari that Lewis Hamilton remains in the running for the red car seat of the season 2021, Louis Camilleri is the CEO and team boss Mattia Binotto has apparently already ruled out the opportunity 2021 for Max Ferstappen and Fernando Alonso to race for Ferrari.

During Ferrari's Christmas Eve, Binotto and Camilleri answered questions from reporters who were most interested in Scuderie's post-season plans 2020 when Sebastian Vettl expires Ferrari contract.

“We have not decided yet,” Binotto explained, “we have said that it is too early for such talks. Many drivers want Ferrari racing and we are proud that Lewis Hamilton is one of them. Certainly this is a very positive thing for us. ”

“Our focus is on our current drivers, one has a long-term contract and the other is at the heart of our project. Before we start talking to the others, let's talk to them first. “

While Ferrari does not rule out the prospect of Lewis Hamilton's arrival, in Maranell they have a clear idea of ​​who they do not want to see in their ranks. CEO Camilleri asked a reporter when asked if it was possible for the Ferrari of the year 2021 racing Verstappen to say categorically: “No . ”

At the same time, Binotto also denied the possibility of Fernando Alonso's return:

“We talked about it, but it no longer falls into our plans.”

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