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Usually icy Finn Kimi Raikkonen shows off his social side at the Alfa Romeo closing party. Kimi spent the whole evening at a factory in Swiss Hinwil, entertaining staff members dressed in a monkey costume.

Omg that miniature ?? on the cease ?? # Kimi7 hits ? pic.twitter.com/JP3xSUgXUB

– Evenstar (@EvenstarSaima) December ,

# AlfaRomeoRacing [IG Narrative] # KimiRaikkonen pic.twitter.com/s2c5Q1uxht

– kimie (@kimi Raikkonen: Veliko prispevam v dobrodelne namene, ampak za razliko od drugih, o tem ne govorim daKAY ) December , 609

# Kimi7 on the Alfa Romeo Racing Season Cease Celebration ?? pic.twitter.com/ 9C 39 Z3whW7

– Verena (@ miezicat1) December

, 609


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