Ferrari is waiting for a very intense program in February, as Scuderia will also test Pirelli tires in Jerez before heading to the F1 Winter Test in Barcelona.

So, before the first racing season test for the season 2020, the Italian team will have two test days on the test

inch tires in Jerez, which will begin on February 8th. Ferrari will test the tires for the season 2021 with a special car that was prepared at Maranell for the occasion.

This means that Ferrari will be racing with two different cars in February. Although new components may not be used by tire testing teams, Ferrari will certainly try to make at least a little extra mileage.

Ferrari has revealed the date of the first F1 team to announce the car launch date for the season 2020, and team boss Mattia Binotto believes the new Ferrari is the first car with year 2020 to be presented to the public.

We will be introducing a new car very early and we will probably be the first. We have decided on this step, as we have some more type-approval tests ahead of our departure to Barcelona. The launch date will be 11. February, and then we have a pretty intense program on the test table.

The Barcelona winter tests begin 19 in February.

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