Foto: Pirelli
Photo: Pirelli

After analyzing all results of the most recent tire test in Abu Dhabi and the team evaluations, according to article 12. 6.1 des technical regulations on the specification of tires for the season 2020 Voted. The coordination of the Formula 1 teams led to the unanimous decision to specify the tires of the specification 2019 for the season 2020 to keep.

The new solutions for the tire constructions tested in Abu Dhabi last week 2020, the Pirelli for the 18 – Customs Era from 2021 will develop, allow a lower tire pressure than the currently used. This enables them to compensate for the increase in performance expected from the next generation of vehicles.


These new solutions for the from 2021 used 18 – Inch tires already showed results in the first assessments of this size on the track. The development test program with the 18 – inch tires for the years from 2021 to be continued. It starts in February with Ferrari in Jerez, Spain.

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