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“Fuck you!”: Why Daniel Ricciardo really left Red Bull

"Fuck you!": Why Daniel Ricciardo really left Red Bull thumbnail

( – Daniel Ricciardo battle just got off the plane in Los Angeles when he faced the unpleasant task of informing his Cooks Helmut Marko and Christian Horner that he was will not renew his contract and will switch to Renault instead. The battle in summer 2018. Many particulars and different representations are now circulating in Formula 1 paddock about the particulars of this change.

Helmut Marko und Daniel Ricciardo

© Red Bull

Helmut Marko & Daniel Ricciardo talk about the separation in summer 2018 Zoom Gain

Marko “accepts”, he tells in an interview with '' that ultimately money is the most important motive for changing battle. Renault has Ricciardo, which comes from court records , with an annual fee of 25 million euros. Red Bull is believed to have offered more than ten million fixum – and the opportunity to increase the amount considerably with high success premiums.

At the same time, Ricciardo knew that his teammate Max Verstappen deserves more than he does. The battle is one of the most important reasons to leave Red Bull: “If you believe in yourself, you are convinced that you have a certain value”, reveals the 30 – Interview with the Formula 1 podcast 'Previous the Grid' .

He doesn't mean “with this value” mandatory money “, but admits that the discrepancy between Verstappen has disturbed him very well:” Of course you also compare yourself with your teammate, “says Ricciardo. “I wasn't convinced that I would be judged as I would rate myself. That certainly played into it.”

Phone calls: Marko battle not surprised, but Horner …

Although the two are at a Meeting in Markos Graz office before the Huge Prix of Austria 2018 For 2019 had almost agreed, Marko Ricciardo's message about the switch to Renault was quite relaxed: “I guess he already suspected that I was going to become as soon as other He was surprised, yes, but he even said on the phone: 'I knew that was coming.' “

” On the other hand, the conversation with Horner was a bit embarrassing, Ricciardo recalls: “He thought that I was joking! And I said: 'Oh no, unfortunately not!' He says: 'Come on, battle funny, now let's talk.' And I: “What can I say? I wish it was a joke, but it's not.” […] But when it became clear to him, we had a good conversation. “

Millions lawsuit over Ricciardo

Daniel Ricciardo was sued by his ex-adviser Glenn Beavis for a million dollars. We are working on the whole downside. More Formula 1 videos

With a marginal note in the podcast, Ricciardo also confirms that became as soon as in Formula 1 paddock is an open secret: that Horner is not the one who has the largest share in driver decisions , “The negotiations were mostly with Helmut. Christian battle was more the one with whom I could talk about it,” reveals the Australian.

The decision to leave Red Bull matured in him at the fourth race of the season in Baku. Not because of the collision with Verstappen, but because it occurred to him through the team's internal handling of the incident that he was increasingly threatening to slip into a number 2 role.

Ricciardo laughs: “Now I can be honest …”

“Now I can be honest”, Ricciardo laughs as he tells his Baku story. “When it crashed, I didn't give a shit! 'You deserve it!' The battle my feeling. I did not battle sadly or was annoyed with the points I lost. I just battle angrily. “

Photo gallery: accident between the Red Bull pilots in Baku

After the skirmish between Max Verstappen and Daniel Ricciardo in Baku, it smells like stunk at Red Bull: all pictures of the pre-skirmish, the crash and the aftermath! photo gallery

“What I really thought battle: 'Fuck you, guys!' Everyone saw it coming, and it was 50: 50 added, became as soon I saw it very differently. In the days that followed, I was quite bitter, “he recalls. “The following week I decided that I had to go.”

“But then I win Monaco! The battle was the greatest of emotions. So I thought: 'Oh became as soon as, Baku battle just an emotion, we can do it again. ' But putting Baku away is a tough nut to crack, “admits Ricciardo.

Today his relationship with Red Bull is intact. He jokes and bets with Marko every now and then – for example Ricciardo 1. 000 US buck lost because he predicted that Valtteri Bottas would 2019 no longer driving for Mercedes.

Even on the Red Bull side, one is reconciled. He “felt sorry for Ricciardo's change,” says Marko, “because first of all he was a very fast and above all an always funny driver who increased in Verstappen. When Verstappen came, battle wasn't so easy for him at first . But he has improved and battle is safe at Verstappen level until qualifying. “