Ferrari’s fundamental team answered to the controversy over the legality of the Prancing Horse’s vitality unit, then added: “We had been essentially the most managed team, however there comprise been never any doubts about legality”.

In 2019 Ferrari did now not must deal simplest with its opponents on the be conscious. The suits played took site on several tables, ranging from the negotiations that ended in the settlement in the new ‘Concorde Settlement’ 2021-2025, to the controversies that emerged after the Canadian Enormous Prix in the ‘Vettel-Hamilton’ case, as much as the defence from the shape of veiled accusations that grew in proportion to the efficiency of the Prancing Horse’s vitality unit.

Mattia Binotto is now not there, and careworn out that “nowadays we comprise now the appropriate engine in Device 1”, now not easy overtly the “untori” who comprise tried to undermine the integrity of Ferrari without making any complaint in the helpful forums.

“This 300 and sixty five days we had been essentially the most managed team on the vitality unit front – outlined Binotto – it turned into once so both before and after the assorted technical directives of the FIA. When an engine has a obvious advantage in relation to efficiency, it inevitably occurs that the opponents are inclined to level the finger, and in quite loads of respects it turned into once frequent that the controls we bought comprise intensified. What matters in the halt is that in the total checks we comprise now proved to be completely licensed.

Complicated regulations, compulsory clarifications

At some stage in the weekend of the U.S. Enormous Prix, the FIA issued to the teams a brand new technical directive on the vitality unit front regarding the expend of the flowmeter, and straight a message to Ferrari turned into once spoken of. Nonetheless Binotto would now not have confidence this speculation: “We’ve a extraordinarily advanced plot of rules, and subsequently now not easy to arrange. Each team has always tried to account for the foundations in philosophize to extract most efficiency from its engine, and the need for clarification is demonstrated by the greater than 40 technical clarification directives despatched by the FIA at some level of the season, both on the engine and chassis front. This confirms how advanced the elements we face are, and the plot in which compulsory it is amassed to define aspects despite the truth that these engines are aged from 2014”.

“For our piece – persevered Binotto – the technical directives are always welcome due to they advantage to define, in addition to the checks. We’ve been checked over and over, and there comprise never been any doubts about our legality. Previously, without attempting to accuse anybody, we comprise now talked loads in regards to the consumption of oil in the combustion chamber. Some comprise obtained championships by pumping oil into the chamber, then the entirety has been clarified with technical directives which comprise subsequently change into piece of the regulation. This shows how mighty complexity there would possibly maybe be, and the plot in which the site of legality can’t always be lowered to a dim and white comparability.

This day the Cavallino is the vitality unit of reference

“I receive that Ferrari has never pointed the finger towards the opponents, however in conditions of site we real realized that we comprise now a form of labor to quit to beat a efficiency drawback of our engine. In 2014 we had been greater than 80 bhp in need of the appropriate vitality units, a difference that nowadays in Device 1 there would possibly maybe be now not any more absolute. We’ve reacted with dedication, assets and efforts (collectively with economic ones) to receive the gap and receive to comprise the appropriate engine in Device 1 nowadays. This must simplest be a supply of pride for us”.

Binotto at closing commented on the case of Abu Dhabi, which is the gas site opened by the discrepancy between the price in kilograms of gas that the team claimed to comprise loaded on the cars before the start, and the price verified by the technical commissioners. As for what came about at Yas Marina, there comprise been some checks that the FIA organises before and after the bustle,” outlined the Cavallino’s fundamental team. The technical regulations level to that no greater than 110 kg of gas would possibly maybe well well very properly be aged to compete in a Enormous Prix, which is why the FIA carries out the checks. We’ve respected this price, and the affirmation has near both from the surveys of the burden of the one-seater, and from the values of consumption which would possibly maybe well well maybe be bought thru the flowmeter. The full measurements made confirmed that we had been completely licensed, otherwise we would comprise been disqualified”.

“There turned into once simplest one weight price that did now not near support, a discrepancy between what the FIA stability learned and what we had declared as a team – concluded Binotto – a weight facts that we would possibly maybe well well now not seek for till the halt of the bustle, when it turned into once no longer verifiable. The FIA decided to stunning us due to there turned into once an inconsistency between the 2 values, however this does now not imply now not being licensed, due to legality is measured by assorted parameters which comprise in its put confirmed our complete consistency. With the many checks that we comprise now had this 300 and sixty five days, if there had been an illegality, would comprise near out on the first day…”.

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