After testing his Mercedes F1 car over four-wheel racing, Valentino Rossi was so excited that he assured himself that after completing his career in motorcycle racing, he would definitely test himself in motor racing.

At a special event in Jerez, Rossi and Lewis Hamilton switched their racing cars, and both were excited about the experience.

The legendary Italian racer thus jokingly proposed a special replacement.

If Bottas wants to race with Vinales, he can be a replacement. So we would have the Rossi duo – Hamilton in F1 and Bottas – Vinales in MotoGP. In any case, I really enjoyed it. I felt like a real F1 racer. I've said many times that I want to race in the car racing world after my career. I definitely want to race for 24 Le Mans hours, and there are plenty of other opportunities.

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