(Motorsport-Total.com) – Lando Norris had to leave the title “Rookie of the Year” to Alexander Albon. Nevertheless, the baby in the McLaren hit eleven high – 10 – places in 21 Formula 1 racing more than remarkable. “The good things I did this year were much better than I probably thought. I'm fleshy happy about that,” he says.

Lando Norris


McLaren pilot Lando turns out to be his greatest critic Zoom Receive

At the same time, Norris admits: “Of course there are other things that I would have liked to have done better. I am just hard on myself because I do it better I want to beat more people, I want to get more points for the team, I just want to be a better driver. That's why I'm always so strict with myself. “

In the end it was enough in the World Cup for 49 and the eleventh place overall. The McLaren rookie was only three points short of tenth. Despite all the self-criticism, he was also able to enjoy the season: “Maybe not everything, but 99 percent. And I definitely have a better one Work done when I thought about it when I was promoted to Formula 1. “

Bahrain as a turning point for Norris and the team

Asked for a special highlight, Norris struggles at first, but then calls a Mammoth Prix. “I would say Bahrain, became once really annoying. It was my second race in Formula 1 and my best result all year, together with Austria.” In both races, the 20 year old achieved a sixth place.

“I have the feeling that I have become a much better driver and I know more things and everything, but I have never had a better result than on this market, which was my highlight, especially because I was still very new to it and achieved this result that I was fleshy happy with – like the whole team. “

Lando Norris


With P6 in the second race Norris was able to fill up with plenty of self-confidence Zoom Receive

Norris even describes this 2d as a “great turning point”, in which he gained a lot of confidence , “This is probably something I will remember more than many other things this season, also because the team was so happy and motivated.” Because the young Brit knows that there are hard times behind McLaren.

Goal setting for 2020: Lose yourself from the midfield

“But I'm sure that from the outside you can see that we are a much happier this year There are lots of people, much more motivated, more determined, and I was happy to see that as a driver, “he enthuses about the team spirit. This should remain just as good in the coming season and be rewarded with even better results.

Norris explains: “We want to take a step forward and be able to benefit more often from mistakes made by the top teams “Above all, we want to try to remove us a little more from the midfield. The boys are working hard to bring updates for the first and second race. Of course it also depends on me and Carlos.”

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