(Motorsport-Complete.com) – The Formula 1 season 2020 could be a historic one for Mercedes. Because Lewis Hamilton has the likelihood of catching up with world champions Michael Schumacher with a seventh world title. Nevertheless, motorsport director Toto Wolff does not want to be partisan with his two drivers and let himself be pulled to one side just to achieve the record.

Valtteri Bottas, Lewis Hamilton, Toto Wolff


2020 Toto Wolff would like to see more cheers – no matter which driver Zoom Win

“I think we have always been very honest with our drivers and want them with the same Fabric and the same conditions, “emphasizes the Austrian that Valtteri Bottas has the same opportunities. “Both know that there is no hidden agenda and no politics at Mercedes.”

That means: Both drivers enjoy the same station at the beginning of the season, then you will see with the silver arrows how they come out of the Starting blocks are coming. “I hope Valtteri will have another great season,” said Wolff, “but at the same time, of course, I'm cheering on Lewis to do his best for a seventh title to set Michael's record.”

The prospect of the record could also motivate Mercedes. Because after the sixth double success in six years, the silver arrows are at risk of becoming saturated. So far, Brackley has been able to handle it well, but Wolff knows that 2020 will not be easy in this regard. Because it is the last year of the current Formula 1 era.

Mercedes championship celebration in Malaysia

Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas visiting main sponsor in Kuala Lumpur to celebrate Mercedes sixth double success in a row More Formula 1 Movies

“2021 is a simple goal, “he says. Because then Mercedes has to try from scratch to get back to the top. But 2020 you have to try to keep your current level and to assert yourself again against Ferrari and Purple Bull.

“But in the second there is just such strong cohesion in the team that it is a good place to work. I personally draw a lot of satisfaction from the relationships within the group – and that was a very, very strong building block for our success” , says Wolff.

“I'm really looking forward to the season 2020, where we'll try to do that to be the best of us, to have the best engine, to have the best chassis, to have the drivers in the right area and to contribute to the overall success of Formula 1. “

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