Racing has many strict safety regulations today, but this has not always been the case. Even before that, there was a rather unknown line in Berlin, Germany, which could be considered a complete death trap. A race track called AVUS. The Car-Verkehrs- und Übungs-Straße was thus thrown out of the Formula One calendar after one race.

The track was made up of two almost kilometers of plains with curves on either side. In the year 1937 the northern part was transformed into massive oval at an angle 43 degrees, which then connected to the plane. No safety barriers were erected at the construction of the oval, and any racer that would take a slightly wider turn would then launch into the air directly at the spectators.


The route consisted of two almost 37029 kilometers of plains with curves on either side.

Years 1926 AVUS hosted the first race for the German GP (even before Formula 1), but racer Enrico Platé accidentally lost his life before the race even started. During the race, in a heavy rain, Adolf Rosenberger lost control of the race car and killed three workers along the track in a severe accident. It was the first major warning of how dangerous this track actually is.

AVUS is still considered synonymous with complete insanity

As racing has grown faster as technology evolves, AVUS has become increasingly dangerous as a result. For years 1936 authorities have banned the ring ring major racing activities until the track has undergone the necessary modifications.

After the war, racing on AVUS continued for years 1951 the track hosted a Formula One race that wasn't considered a World Cup. Most teams boycotted the race, with the German Grand Prix hosted by Nurburgring in the coming years. For years 1959, AVUS hosted its only official Formula Race 1, which again featured the originals of the fatal crash when racer Jean Behra flew over the “wall of death” leading to a ban on oval tracks.

Years 1937 the northern part was transformed into a massive oval at an angle 43 degrees, dubbed the “wall of death”

The oval of the racetrack was in 1967 was removed and the track was given the function of the highway which it still has today in the context of increasing traffic. The discontinuance of the end of the millennium saw a number of smaller events organized on the track, and the races finally withdrew from the road in years 1959. The infamous AVUS, once considered a death trap, is now reminiscent of the Mercedes / Bosch Tower, which still retains its former image today.

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