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Photo: ADAC

Also in the fifth season of the ADAC Formula 4, US Racing CHRS was dominant and caught up as already 2018 the triple: The racing team from Kerpen with the two team bosses Ralf Schumacher and Gerhard Ungar cleared in all three ratings the winners' cups.

Nevertheless, the championship was extremely exciting, because Van Amersfoort driver Dennis Hauger (16, Norway, Van Armersfoort Racing) boasted a lot and got involved until the end of the season gripping head-to-head race with the later champion Théo Pourchaire (16, France, US Racing CHRS). In terms of victories, Hauger was even ahead, Pourchaire triumphed because of the greater consistency.

Other exciting facts and figures of the ADAC Formula 4 2019

Variety: Overall went into the 20 Race of this year's ADAC Formula 4 season 29 young motorsport talents 20 Nations to the Initiate, four of them from Germany. The average age at the season finale at Sachsenring was exactly 17 years.

European trip: The drivers drove for nine teams from five nations. Italy was represented with four teams, two teams are located in Germany. There is also a team from France, the Netherlands and Switzerland.

Diversified: There were ten different winners in the season 2019: The Norwegian Dennis Hauger was at the top of the podium six times and thus most often. The Frenchman Théo Pourchaire won four seasons. Novices Roman Stanek and Paul Aron won twice each (15, Estonia) from the Prema Powerteam. Arthur Leclerc, Michael Belov (17, Russia, R-ace GP), the Prema pilots Gianluca Petecof (16, Brazil) and Alessandro Famularo (15, Venezuela) as well as the Van Amersfoort driver Niklas Krütten (16, Trier) and Sebastian Estner (17, Warngau ) registered once in the lists of winners.

Constance: Twelve times – and therefore most often – Theo Pourchaire was on the podium. Dennis Hauger received a trophy ten times. Leclerc was on the podium eight times, and Stanek and Petecof each went to the award ceremony five times.

premier class: The spotlight of the year for the drivers of the ADAC high-speed school was the weekend as part of Formula 1. In Hockenheim, the young drivers were able to demonstrate their skills in front of a full house – at that time Dennis Hauger triumphed and Arthur Leclerc, whose brother Charles, the Formula 1 shooting star, was one of the first to congratulate them.

Record hunt: With his six wins of the season Dennis Hauger takes in the “eternal leaderboard” together with Mick Schumacher (20) the son of record world champion Michael Schumacher, ranked sixth. The most successful driver of ADAC Formula 4 remains the champion of 2016, Joey Mawson (23, Australia) with a total of 15 Victories before last year's champion Lirim Zendeli from Bochum (13 victories) and the champion of 2015, Marvin Dienst (eight) from Lampertheim.

Sweep: Again Dennis Hauger. He has never changed into a pilot in the history of ADAC Formula 4 since 2015 has achieved. At the penultimate race at the Hockenheimring, he won young Norwegians all three races of a weekend and cut out the maximum possible 75 points.

Top Juniors: Roman Stanek won the rookie rating. With ten victories and 412 the Czech won the Category in which only pilots without previous motor racing experience compete. Paul Aron was second in the classification (5 wins, 323 Points).

Qualifying specialists: Eight different drivers decided qualifying in their favor. Champion Pourchaire won the qualifying six times, runner-up Hauger five times and rookie champion Stanek three times. Petecof drove twice on Pole, Krütten, Leclerc, Estner and Rasmussen once.

Presence: The ADAC Formula 4 races were also very popular this year. 24 TV station in 118 Territories reported on the high speed school of the ADAC. There were more than 1.1 million video views on the ADAC Formula 4 Facebook page.

Brief & clear: At the tightest finish of the season, Alessandro Famularo defended the victory in Zandvoort with just 0, 157 seconds ahead of US racing driver Arthur Leclerc. Gianluca Petecof had the biggest advantage of a race winner. In the first race of the season in Oschersleben, the Brazilian 14, 132 seconds ahead of Roman Stanek.

Tempo: Dennis Hauger achieved the highest average speed. The Norwegian achieved an average speed of in the second qualifying on the Red Bull Ring , 7 km / h. A Van Amersfoort trio achieved the highest measured top pace in the race. Lucas Alecco Roy, Ido Cohen and Dennis Hauger were each in Zandvoort with 235, measured 8 km / h.

Dominance: Dennis Hauger also had the lead in the lead laps. Of the total 354 laps, the Norwegian 92 on. Master Pourchaire is in this statistic with 53 Leadership rounds only second. Krütten and Stanek brought it up to 36 rounds, before Petecof (26), Famularo (10), Aron and Belov (both 21). Also Estner (16), Leclerc and Dürksen (both 15) achieved a double-digit number of leadership rounds. Ghiretti (6), Rasmussen (3), Cohen (3) and Saucy (1) were also able to add themselves to the list.

Fast laps: Whoever has completed the fastest laps goes to Dennis Hauger, who drove the fastest lap eight times. Petecof was fastest three times, twice Stanek, Leclerc and Pourchaire. Once fastest were Lucas Alecco Roy (22, Germany, Van Amersfoort), Belov and Dürksen.

Distance: 354 laps were in the 20 Seasonal race on tires from exclusive partner Pirelli. This corresponds to a total race distance of 1. 436, 336 kilometers.

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