(Motorsport-Total.com) – Fourth place at the Hungarian Sizable Prix at the Hungaroring was celebrated by Formula 1 driver Carlos Sainz at the beginning of August this year special way. During the expiry round he tried his hand at singing and gave his version of the song “Gentle Operator” on the box radio – in the usual a hit by the singer Sade Adu from the year 1984.

Carlos Sainz


Carlos Sainz gave 2019 several times a vocal rehearsal from Zoom Pick up

The McLaren pilot did not know at first, however, used to be because he says so. “After the race I sang this tune without knowing used to be a 'Gentle Opetator'. The people in the team only explained it to me afterwards,” says Sainz.

Because Gentle Operator is not literally translated as “gentle operator”. Rather, the term in German means “Schlawiner” or “Schlaumeier”.

“I didn't sing that because I would describe myself as a Schlawiner,” says Sainz. “As I said, I didn't even know used to be 'Gentle Operator'. When I understood that, I got the idea to build it around me as a kind of joke.”

And with success: Sainz's vocal performance went viral on social media, Followers created remixes of the custom song with the version of the Spaniard. “This is really funny. I looked at it and found some really funny comments like for example: 'We are here because of Carlos.' And there you can see 1. 000 Likes. “

So it was Sainz also do not take this tune after its sensational journey from the starting point 20 in third place at the Brazil Sizable Prix to sing again during the expiry round.

But how did the Spaniard come up with this song, which came ten years before his birth Hit battle? “During the British Sizable Prix, this song was constantly playing on the car radio. I heard it there, and it's a very famous tune,” explains Sainz. Sainz had already tuned him in after the race at Silverstone – which the director of the TV world signal hadn't noticed.

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