(Motorsport-Total.com) – The budget limit from 2021 is seen by some sides as a beacon of hope for Formula 1 seen, but to believe that groups like Haas can suddenly win would be “very naive”, as he says, according to team principal Günther Steiner. Because with 175 million dollars, the limit is still significantly higher than the budget of some groups – especially since there are numerous exceptions to this .

Günther Steiner


For Günther Steiner the limit of 175 Millions not the last wisdom Zoom Catch

“It won't happen,” Steiner told Motorsport-Total.com about the prospect of smaller group wins. Therefore, he does not want to convince team owner Gene Haas with this argument to stay in Formula 1. “He has to convince himself that this is what he wants to do.”

Formula 1 is about to undergo a major change, but it is still unclear how the sport will look after 2020 will set up – even if the basic structure is now in place. “But there are still so many open problems in 2d, so I don't know if he should make a decision now,” he says about the future of Haas.

2019 the racing team experienced an epidemic season that only ended in ninth place in the championship.

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In order to take a real step forward, it is necessary to use the Pushing the budget limit even further down: “I think that a second step is needed, otherwise it just won't happen,” said St a. “I do not think that the finances, the payments, will be so intestine in the future that the smaller groups can reach the budget limit.”

Currently, smaller groups are also not willing to make such high investments because you can never get the money back. “Of course it could be 2022 or 2023 the Closing the gap somewhat, but a good step would be a second review of the numbers. I don't think anyone would disagree. “

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