Taki Inoue is a retired Japanese racer who is between 1994 and raced at 18. Formula 1 GP races. In the eyes of many F1 fans, he is considered one of the worst racers in history, and he has declared himself the worst F1 racer in history.

After fairly average performances in the lower categories, Taki Inoue of the Year 1994 is in the race for the GP of Japan debuted in Formula 1. With the uncompetitive car Simtek-Ford S 941 occupied the qualifications 26. The fastest Michael Schumacher time was 7.8 seconds behind. His premiere race came to an end in the third round, when the Japanese got stuck in the sand after the run off the track.

Inoue, however, made his bizarre incident with the bizarre incident in the Hungarian GP race this season 1995 . After his car was engulfed in flames, the Japanese man emerged unharmed from the race car and was hit by an ambulance when he wanted to extinguish his fiery teeth.

It is worth mentioning that Inoue had collapsed a safety car in the Monaco GP race a few weeks earlier, thus becoming the only racer in F1 history to double boil the incident with a companion vehicle in a single season FIE.

Inoue is in his 18. competed in Formula One races, only five times to construct the finish line, and after the end of the season 1995, his journey in the fastest circus was finally completed.



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