(Motorsport-Total.com) – It seemed to be a happy marriage without scandals, but in Abu Dhabi the picture of the ideal world suddenly broke: Valtteri Bottas and his Emilia leave after three years of marriage and almost ten years of relationship divorced – officially due to the challenges in their careers.

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Lewis Hamilton can understand this disaster. At the beginning of his career, he was particularly in the headlines with his on-off relationship with Nicole Scherzinger, afterwards nothing more to read from permanent partners battle. The Briton knows that private life is neglected in his job.

“It is probably similar for many athletes. We travel a lot and are just gone for an incredibly long time,” he says , For him, this is a great burden and a burden for a relationship in which not everything runs perfectly.

In addition, there is the right steadiness out of determination for the sport and the enjoyment of his free time. “I find that extremely difficult,” says the Briton. “You want to be as competitive as possible. You want to 100 Percent behind it, because you don't want to be less committed than your co-worker. ” But a relationship would direct responsibility to other areas.

Photo gallery: Lewis & Nicole: A love story

Since 2007 Lewis Hamilton and Nicole Scherzinger (with interruptions) are a couple and a popular photo motif in the pit lane. photo gallery

“There is only a certain amount that you can give as a whole,” he says. “It depends on how many sacrifices you want to make.”

But Hamilton also knows that there are examples that can balance both worlds. “You just have to look at Seb,” he points to Sebastian Vettel, who was only in Abu Dhabi for the third time father and married his long-time girlfriend Hanna this year . “There are many athletes who lead happy lives in the background.”



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