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Dan Gurney

36 capabilities · 4 hours ago

Relish seeing Checo in McLaren package, even supposing he acknowledged it became once the worst group he ever worked with. Appears to be like to be like correct in it regardless.

stage 2

Lando Norris

Normal Poster11 capabilities · 4 hours ago

Haha yea, and that Vodafone sponsorship colour with the white on the flee suit appears so correct

stage 2

Max Verstappen

5 capabilities · 4 hours ago

Why became once his relationship with McLaren so frightful?

stage 1

Mario Andretti

19 capabilities · 4 hours ago

When you acknowledged LN I became once pondering Lewis Namilton

stage 2

10 capabilities · 4 hours ago

now not Lax Nerstappen?

stage 1

Alexander Albon

1 point · 1 hour ago




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