(Motorsport-Full.com) – “I think I'm engaging enough to understand how to deal with the tires,” Robert Kubica defended in an interview with 'Motorsport-Full.com '. After his disappointing comeback year 2019 he doesn't want to use a “cheap excuse” and do not blame for the lack of success with the Pirelli tires.

Robert Kubica


Robert Kubica doesn't want a “cheap excuse” for 2019 search Zoom Salvage

In the inferior FW 42 the Pole only managed one point in his much-noticed comeback year – in Germany he finished tenth thanks to the Alfa disqualification. In the qualifying duel against rookie George Russell, however, he had no likelihood, the Briton triumphed with a white vest (21: 0).

In the search for clues for the messed up season – apart from the bolide and its physical limitations – the Pirelli tire was often mentioned as the decisive efficiency factor. But Kubica does not believe that the complex rubber provides an explanation.

Kubica criticizes: Too little feedback from the team

“I think I'm engaging enough to understand how the tires work. It's also not a driver decision, it's teamwork.” Also used to be the settings and tire management, he adds. “The pilot is the one who controls the car, but we all have the same goals and the same opportunities to work with the tires.”

For him, the Pirelli tires are not the one Reason for his unsuccessful season. “It's just a cheap excuse.” Rather, the lack of feedback contributed to a “very confusing” year, he reveals. Between the lines he made several references that his collaboration with Williams was not always very harmonious.

“I just have my opinion and there are areas in which I could have been better. But that Nervousness in general didn't help. ” Because even the late start of testing your group shortened the valuable time in the car. “In our situation it would have been very important for me to start the season with good consistency.”

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That way he could have prepared his comeback better. “Unfortunately, that was not the case.” There were also moments when he delivered well. Because of Williams' inferiority, these achievements have remained hidden. “They were covered by external factors.”

It also had those moments in the season 2019 in which Kubica should have delivered better. “There were also days when I didn't get an answer at all. I had no idea why we were doing so badly,” he reveals.

That was particularly difficult for him, because he was too To improve the team, you have to know the reasons for the failure. “After all, it doesn't help you if you take medicine for something that doesn't cause your illness at all.”

“Some believe Formula 1 is simple “

Apart from internal communication problems and the slow vehicle, Kubica's physical condition was also repeatedly questioned. In retrospect, the Pole finally revealed that he was 70 percent drove with the left arm – the right arm was in a rally accident 2011 seriously injured.

Nevertheless, the 35 – year-olds did not confirm that this restriction caused him a disadvantage, especially in fast corners. After all, he had one of his best days of the year on the fast, winding course in Suzuka.

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“Sometimes we want to make people believe that Formula 1 is easy But it is not, because there are a lot of factors that have an impact on the end result and the time on the stopwatch, “he says, without becoming more specific.

” It’s true that we are sometimes exposed to very high vibrations, but it is also true that if you lack grip, you naturally lose more time in demanding passages. ” His limitation therefore had nothing to do with the fact that he was slower on winding roads.

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