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Half a million for Australia

We have already reported on how Formula 1 drivers also work for the victims and combating the terrible bushfires and what effects this could have on the season opener in March ( here more ). World Champion Lewis Hamilton emphatically points out the problem again today.

“It deeply touches me that over a million animals in Australia suffer a painful death,” he explained his decision, 500. 00 0 US greenback (about 450. 180)) donated mainly to animal help. “I spent some time talking to people in Australia who are helping in the middle of it and I have the greatest respect for them.”

“I beseech you to think about how became as soon as we exert an influence on our planet. Let us work together to bring about even the smallest changes.”

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Not quite the cry of success from Brazil

The Toro Rosso pilot is just a little more happy about a podium than a successful golf shot …

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The proud son

McLaren driver Carlos Sainz is of course also closely following the Dakar Rally this year. After all, his father not only seems to set the tone again – role model Fernando Alonso is also at the launch. We leave the “sizable cojones” that he gives his father during this maneuver uncommented …: D

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Relaxed vacation?

Red Bull driver Alex Albon doesn't need much rest in the race-free time – otherwise he wouldn't have chosen Japan for it. But it seems to be a lot of fun …

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Health with Grosjean

If you want to keep fit like a Formula 1 driver, you may want to go to the Haas pilot’s YouTube channel. He has been very active there in the last few days …

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Is it a puzzle?

If we all teasers on McLarens MCL 35 at the end, we might get the car for the coming season before its official presentation!

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Helpful Brother is staring at you

Even if a German football club only goes karting once in its training camp, Formula 1 will immediately be noticed. The fact that our editorial team did something similar recently, they left uncommented … It was probably too hot …;)

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Photos & photo galleries

Fahrzeugtausch Hamilton vs. Rossi
Vehicle exchange Hamilton vs. Rossi

Testfahrten in Abu Dhabi

Test drives in Abu Dhabi


Testfahrten in Abu Dhabi

Test drives in Abu Dhabi


Alle Formel-1-Autos von Nico Hülkenberg

All Formula 1 -Cars from Nico Hülkenberg

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Formel-1-Datenbank: Ergebnisse und Statistiken seit 1950
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results and statistics since 1950

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WEC-Kalender 2020/21 mit Kyalami und Monza präsentiert

WEC – WEC calendar 2020 / 21 presented with Kyalami and Monza

Namensänderung: VLN und Nürburgring rücken noch dichter zusammen

VLN – name change: VLN and Nürburgring are still moving closer together

Härtetest für neue NASCAR-Aero: So schnitt das neue Paket in Vegas ab

NASCAR – endurance test for new NASCAR Aero: How the new package did in Vegas

Neuer Mercedes GLA (2020) startet im Frühjahr 2020

Auto – New Mercedes GLA (2020) starts in spring 2020


F1-Fahrermarkt: Verstappen bleibt ein Bulle!
F1 driver market: Verstappen remains a bull!

Jahresrückblick: 10 Thesen zur F1-Saison 2019

Annual review: 10 Theses about the F1 season 2019

Jahresrückblick: 10 Thesen zur F1-Saison 2019

Review of the year: 10 Theses about the F1 season 2019

#LH44VR46: Onboard mit Rossi im Mercedes

# LH 44 VR 46: Onboard with Rossi in a Mercedes



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