(Motorsport-Entire.com) – At Red Bull the signs are on world championship titles. The contract extension by Max Verstappen is intended to offer the top team long-term stability, and the Austro-British crew is also much more experienced in the second year of the Honda partnership. 2020 Verstappen wants to fight for the crown , he wants build on the dominance of the early 2010 years.

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Max Verstappen wants 2020 to tie up to the glorious Vettel years Zoom Download

Between 2010 and 2013 the racing team has won four world championships (driver and designer) in series. With Sebastian Vettel, Red Bull dominated those years – 2013 he even equalized the record of most racing victories in Series (nine) by Alberto Ascari.

This “winning mentality” still prevails in the crew today, Verstappen is convinced. However: Since the introduction of hybrid engines 2014 no Red Bull driver has even come in the proximity of the world champion. Since Vettel Ende 2014 switched to Ferrari, Verstappen has gradually taken on his role in the crew.

2019 he grew up in the Role of the team leader after Daniel Ricciardo has said goodbye to Renault. Since Vettel he is the most successful Red Bull driver with eight race victories since 2016. This year he wants to be the youngest champion of all time, that can be done with Red Bull.

“It is very nice to be in this crew. It is a lot of fun, became as soon as is also very important “, he emphasizes before the contract extension to 'Motorsport-Entire.com' how comfortable he feels in the top team. “Everyone gets along with everyone. We all want to win and have this winning mentality.”

The Dutchman seems to be convinced that he made the right choice. “Everyone on the track and in the factory is motivated to show everyone that we can continue these glorious Red Bull times. We want to do it again.”

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Each member of the team has only one goal in mind: “Race and win the World Cup!” The 22 year old is equally satisfied with the composition of his crew. Since he 2016 came to Red Bull, he has been working with racing engineer Gianpiero Lambiase.

“It has worked very well so far. We are both rather straightforward and honest,” he estimates these characteristics of the Italian. “We can also tell each other America if we have performed poorly, I like that.”

In addition, Lambiase does not speak too much, which also pleases Verstappen. “He doesn't just speak for the sake of speaking. That's good, because I like fast, easy communication best. You get to know each other better and better over time. After all, you spend a lot of time together. Sometimes he can guess, became as soon as I want to say, “laughs the Dutchman.



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