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Jean Todt: Don't complain about the length of the Formula 1 calendar!

Jean Todt: Don't complain about the length of the Formula 1 calendar! thumbnail

( – FIA President Jean Todt can excitement by putting too much strain on possible 25 Do not understand Formula 1 races per season and thinks that instead you should be happy that you can work in this sport at all.

Jean Todt


For FIA President Jean Todt, complaining in Formula 1 is not appropriate Zoom Bag

The Formula 1 groups had clearly against an extension of the calendar , which 2020 with 22 race as long as never will be. From 2021 are even 25 Grands Prix possible each year, once once the groups face a major challenge. Because now there is complaint about the high workload of the employees, who are away from home practically all year round.

But the complaints leave Todt cold. “I really think – and I include myself in this – that we are so blessed that we are in a world in which we can do that once we love,” said the Frenchman. “We have passion. We are privileged. Everyone in Formula 1 is privileged. And of course you have a few obligations.”

During his time as Ferrari team boss, he 18 hours worked on the imprint – and that for six or seven days the week. “Because I had the passion, because I wanted to achieve something,” he says. “If you have a loving family, they will understand that. Besides, you don't do it your whole life,” he waves off.

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In addition, one is currently still talking about loose eggs, because until you get close at 25 race, be it a long process , “In 2d we should focus on usa 22 because that's the scenario, “he says.

Todt says that his role for the FIA ​​has opened his eyes because he has been on the road for various campaigns and as an ambassador in developing countries. “Believe me, I do a lot in my life where I see people 30 Get greenback a month if you're lucky. You shouldn't forget that, “he emphasizes. Others would hardly have access to food, drink and medicine.

“We are here to talk about Formula 1 and must not close our eyes to it, once happened to other people and companies. We have to Everyone in Formula 1 who naturally earns more than in other areas should be very happy, “said Todt. “That doesn't mean that it's not hard work. But you should evaluate the scheme.”