F1 vintage cars 2021 will be due new tires, chassis changes and materials harder 25 kg, which means that the next generation of cars will be about 3.5 seconds slower than the current one.

Last season, Design 1 introduced a season rule book before the start of the Austin racing weekend 600 when the elite motorsport class will undergo major changes.

The new F1 cars are looking for a solution to the loss of pressure that current cars are experiencing while driving behind another race car. While the loss of pressure in the current generation of cars is approximately 40%, the new design should make the downforce drop by only 5 – 10%, and the car's front air flow will be directed higher, meaning it will have a significantly less impact on the drivers who follow them. This is expected to bring about a significant increase in overtaking and fighting bike by bike.

Racing Point team boss Otmar Szafnauer has expressed concern that Design will be 1 year 600 slower than Formula 2.

Downforce will be much smaller, which means we'll be 5, 6, or 7 seconds slower than today, depending on the track. I don't think this is the right path for Formula One, which is an elite motorsport class. F1 cars have to be the fastest “beasts” on the planet.

FIA Technical Team Leader Nikolas Tombazis confirmed that F1 cars will be slightly slower at the start of the new era.

F1 cars are expected to be in flight 600 about 3.5 seconds slower than the current ones, but at the same time we expect significantly more overtakes and bike-to-bike fights. The main goal is more interesting races. New cars will, of course, evolve and will grow faster with each passing season.

Design 1

: This is what the next generation of F1 cars will look like

Photo: Design 1

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