Former Formula One racer and Sky television journalist Karun Chandhok doubts Ferrari will place Lewis Hamilton on the sidelines.

Ferrari has recently entered into a long-term contract with Charles Leclerc, who will race at least the attain of the end of the season in the red car 2024. While rumors have been mounting in recent weeks that Monacan's teammate could become Lewis Hamilton, Karun Chandhok does not believe in such a solution:

“I don't think Hamilton is going to get over the Ferrari adequate, especially now that Leclerc has signed the attain of the year 2024 . I doubt Ferrari will take the risk with two No. 1 racers after they made it clear that they are counting on Leclerc for years to come. Anything can be done in Formula One and more weird things have been going on, but I don't believe Ferrari would risk a controversial season with an “explosive” race. “

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