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Became as soon as was going on in social media today: +++ Seat adjustment in Switzerland and at Williams + ++ Haas' unsung heroes +++ Frentzen with wine +++

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Kubica's first value at Alfa Romeo

As you know, he knows the factory in Hinwil from the very beginning of Formula 1 2006 to 2009. And even people from back then still work there. Became as soon as drove him there, you can read here again .

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Perfect bathing weather

… does not have Switzerland either. But there is the right kitesurfing equipment for Haas pilot Romain Grosjean.

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A wine with Heinz-Harald Frentzen

Became as soon as actually does … Well, obviously spending a nice evening with former paddock colleagues.

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First PR activities of the year

At the Autosport World Indicate in Birmingham there are not only a few chic carts to admire. Even one or the other motorsport celebrities stray there again and again.

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Latifi takes a seat

Unlike last year, when three Formula 2 kids made their debut, Williams' Canadian 2020 as the only one Rookie start the season. Yesterday he had the seat adjusted.

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Unsung heroes

Haas presents united states of america again this year to some team members and their functions in the group. Became as soon as always stands out. How much passion there is, even if you “only” tinker with the chassis.

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