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Highlights of the day: Leclerc's parachute jump annoyed Ferrari

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What once wrestle on social media today: +++ Why the teen didn't ask for permission +++ Sad pictures of ex-personnel +++ Finland's driver of the year +++

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Leclerc already wants the title 2020

As an absolute star guest at the Autosport International Show in Birmingham, Charles Leclerc also took the time to answer a lot of fan questions. One was whether he 2021 would get his first title. His answer is honored by a Ferrari driver: “I hope it already 2020 will happen!”

“But I also like to wait until 2021 if I can be sure that it will happen “, he adds and explains:” The goal is always to achieve the best, so To be world champion. It's very optimistic, but I always set high goals. I always give everything to win. From my point of view, I drive for the best staff and I want to give them, became they deserve. “

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Parachute jump annoyed Ferrari

Teen Charles Leclerc Promotion to the high and traditional team Ferrari was just a year ago. In this one year he was able to make a big impression – so much that he dared to do something in his youthful daring. Because, as he reveals at the Autosport International Show, there are still contractually regulated danger bans in the strict Ferrari environment.

A few weeks ago he started skydiving anyway. “I didn't ask for permission,” said Leclerc. “I figured if it went wrong I wouldn't be there to get in trouble anymore. They would be a little annoyed. But I won't do it a second time.”

Leclerc also reveals that he would like to do it Lewis Hamilton : “I would love to do it one day Drive MotoGP. But I'm not sure if Ferrari would allow that. “

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When a Formula 1 keepsake fades

It is always sad when a staff can no longer stay in the premier class. This sad memory of old Caterham days is still going around on social media:

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Love duet: Roscoe is back!

Man, we hadn't heard from Hamilton's faithful companion for a long time! But in the past few days, Roscoe and his dog sister Coco have appeared again and again in the World Champion's studies. Because the four-legged friends also belong to the extensive family program during the winter break.

Hamilton also hits the keys himself again. The perfectionist even apologizes for his game …

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Chuffed Birthday, Toto!

Before the stressful everyday life has completely taken over, Mercedes boss Toto Wolff is allowed to use his 48. To celebrate birthday. How about celebrating the day again with the exclusive interview that we had with him at the beginning of the year: You can read it here.

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Gasly is still on family vacation

At Toro Rosso you can let the drivers relax a little …

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Finland's driver of the year

Valtteri Bottas 2.0 still gets the attention it deserves in his home country. We are, of course, already looking forward to Bottas 3.0 …

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