Claire Williams: The team needs to modernize and stop using self-adhesive slips


Williams spent one more season fully at the start of Formula One startups. Various sponsors and engineers have already left the Grove team, with team leader Claire Williams pointing out that the legendary Grove team needs to modernize some of the processes and time-consuming methods.

Williams has been very successful in the past, and some of the 'technologies' used in the past are still in use today. In an interview with Autosport, Claire Williams stressed that the team needs to have some proper modern systems in place, rather than still using outdated notes.

“Each department has a business manager in the planning function who is responsible for all activities under his leadership. In the end, all departments must function as a whole, which is key to ensuring that at the end of F1 the car achieves the appropriate results. It is a huge amount of data and since we have been in sports for so long, some of our methods are already outdated. Self-adhesive messages are still circulating around the factory, which needs to be changed as soon as possible. Williams needs to modernize in all areas. “

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