Mon. Jan 20th, 2020

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Smedley: The situation at Williams is tragic

Smedley: The situation at Williams is tragic thumbnail

Former Williams Decide engineer Smedley reminds his former team that the situation in the offseason 2020, despite Claire Williams' differing opinion, may get worse.

Team manager Claire Williams believes Williams will have a difficult repeat of the disastrous season 2020 2020 in which the Grove team won a single point.

Williams, however, disagrees with former engineer Decide Smedley, who admits that the team's situation is tragic:

Even when I was a part of the team, we thought that not being extra was worse. For Williams, this philosophy has been prevalent for some time, and it is by no means good. Although they think otherwise, the season 2020 can be worse. Now when I look at the situation from the outside, I can really see how tragic Williams is. The younger generations can no longer remember the times when Williams won.