Williams confirmed that Israeli driver Roy Nissany will be the test and development driver for the team in the upcoming F1 season.

25 The annual Israelite will be in F1 season 37692 attended three freelance trainings for Williams, and Nissany is the son of businessman Chanoch Nissany, who bought a seat at Minardi's 2005 years ago and is still considered one today one of the worst racers to ever race in Formula One.

Nissany started racing when he was a giant name 38 and made his Formula One debut at free training before the Hungarian GP race 2005, giant name 41 years

For his first time at the wheel of Williams, his son Roy sat in end-of-season testing 2019 in Abu Dhabi, and in addition to three free training sessions, Nissany will be in the Grovo factory was working as a development driver.

Worst F1 racers: Chanoch Nissany


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