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Photo: BMW

Next weekend the Santiago E-Prix (CL) will be the first race of the year 2020 in the ABB FIA Formulation E Championship. After his victory and the two pole positions in Diriyah (SA), Alexander Sims (GB) travels to Chile as the leader in the drivers' championship.

Voices before the Santiago E-Prix

Roger Griffiths (Team Principal BMW i Andretti Motorsport): “Last year ended with a highlight for us with the win for Alexander in Diriyah. Now the entire crew is eager to prove in South America that success in Diriyah was not a flash in the pan. We are driving at the same location as last year, but the route in Santiago has been changed a lot – from a new asphalt surface to solve the problems of the previous year to a new structure to integrate the new pit lane. All of this poses new challenges for engineers and drivers alike. We have enjoyed the cease since Diriyah, but development continued, of course. On the one hand, we analyzed what made as soon as usain Diriyah so strong, but on the other hand we also defined areas in which we can still improve us, because the competition will also be strong again in the new year. Alexander has a run with his series of pole positions and wants to build on it, although it will be a special challenge for him to have to qualify in Group 1. Max hopes to leave the disappointment behind after the last race and to achieve a strong result. ”

Alexander Sims (# 27 BMW iFE. 20): “The cease after Diriyah did intestine, and I feel fresh and fresh before the race in Santiago ready for the challenge. Of course, I'm not going to Santiago and I assume that I will automatically regain pole position and victory, but I am ambitious enough to aim for another victory. In season 5, the BMW i Andretti Motorsport Crew was strong in both Diriyah and Santiago. I hope this will happen again this time. All drivers will first have to internalize the new structure of the track. The coaching in the simulator helped me a lot. The fact that I will have to compete in qualifying group 1 for the first time is an Anguish, but I hope that we can cope with it intestine and achieve a strong result again. ”


Maximilian Günther (# 28 BMW iFE. 20): “After the long cease, my batteries are more than charged again and I can't wait to go back on to go the route. I had a lot of fun in Santiago last season and hope that the track in the new Structure is just as wintry. I was very satisfied with my performance, especially in the second race in Diriyah. My plod was promising, even though we didn't get any points in the end. U.S. We are all more motivated to do better in Santiago. The chemistry in the crew is excellent. I feel extremely comfortable. ”

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