Renault: 2021 should not be an excuse for 2020


( – Although Renault sees its big likelihood coming in the change of rules 2021, You shouldn't write off the upcoming Formula 1 season 2020, says team principal Cyril Abiteboul and doesn't want to see that as an excuse , “To be honest: no,” he says when asked by '' whether the French are pursuing a different mindset this year.

Cyril Abiteboul


Cyril Abiteboul does not want 2020 to look for excuses Zoom Fetch

Renault had a difficult season 2019, in which you have clearly missed your goals in the premier class. You couldn't get any closer to the top three teams, nor could you dominate the midfield and finish fourth in the constructors' championship. Instead, negative headlines were written due to lack of reliability and discussions about illegal driving aids .

2021 you now have the big likelihood to mix the field with a complete restart and you have to weigh how much work you already have from the current one Year loose. “Everyone in the field faces this challenge,” says Abiteboul, “but I think that no group of workers has the same expectations for 2021 has like us. Because our complete strategy is based on it. “

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Nevertheless, he emphasizes that 2021 should not be an excuse for a bad year 2020. “2020 we should make all changes made 2019 You should have a positive influence – not just for 2021, but already 2020. I want to see that. “

Renault is driving with Daniel Ricciardo this year and Esteban Ocon, who replaced Nico Hülkenberg after three years with the French. The presentation of the new vehicle will take place on 12. February in Paris.

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