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Even as you suggested me 3 years within the past that there would even be an F1 YouTube channel, let alone uploading compilations of excitable Davide Valsecchi… successfully you right wouldn’t!

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Usual Poster4 aspects · 1 hour within the past

“F1 turned into once a three-giant name restaurant and it be was real into a hasty-meals joint” – Berne Ecclestone

Yep. I would possibly maybe have a Colossal Mac, please.

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Sebastian Vettel

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Man, Liberty Media is the true MVP!

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I fancy this man. He is so inquisitive about every thing, however in a terribly loveable reach.

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Max Verstappen

2 aspects · 25 minutes within the past

I would possibly maybe presumably pay the rest to have the F1 races commentated by Davide and Alex

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Kamui Kobayashi

2 aspects · 34 minutes within the past

This video is real perfect.

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I don’t fancy his notify when he’s worked up

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