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What was going on in the social networks today: +++ Formula 1 plays the #DollyPartonChallenge +++ Motorsport- Stars in Kitzbühel +++

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Hamilton’s anniversary at Mercedes

Exactly seven years ago today, Lewis Hamilton had his very first day in the Mercedes factory in Brackley. Insanity what has happened in this period. Hamilton has won five more world titles and is now about to attack Michael Schumacher. There was no talk of this seven years ago …

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Yesterday it was the poets, today it is the #DollyPartonChallenge – the latest development on social media. This enlighten actually started from the singer and actress, who presented herself in four different roles to match the individual platforms. The collage went viral and has now also reached Formula 1. But not him: Kimi of course! ; -)

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IndyCar meets F1

McLaren IndyCar drivers Patricio O'Ward and Oliver Askew were guests at the McLaren Expertise Heart (MTC) in Woking and found a few real gems. ..

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Always stay nice in Fabricate

All athletes are on a skiing fever these days, after all the races in Kitzbühel are on the program. Damon Hill also seems to be practicing 😉 Bernie Ecclestone has already been sighted in Tyrol, tomorrow some Purple Bull athletes should show up on the Hahnenkamm, including Max Verstappen.

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