Skedaddle Carey: Negotiations with Formula 1 teams before the end


( – Formula 1 is about to sign a new agreement with the ten teams. “We are on the last trains, among other things,” confirms Formula 1 boss Skedaddle Carey at the World Economic Forum in Davos. “Some elements have already been clarified, including the rules or the budget limit,” he emphasizes.

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Behind Skedaddle Carey are exhausting Negotiations with the teams Zoom Download

Liberty Media has been in negotiations with the teams for many months. The negotiated Concorde agreements with the teams expire before the season 2021 and have to be renegotiated. Most recently, financial aspects were the focus of attention.

Some teams had previously been able to negotiate financial advantages with predecessor Bernie Ecclestone. The top teams Ferrari, Mercedes and Red Bull get big bonuses, Ferrari also an immense history bonus, which gives the Italians a big advantage over all other teams.

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In the future, the income should but be distributed more equitably. This should also help the competition in Formula 1 itself, because that could enable a more balanced field and thus more excitement. Since the Australian GP 2013 – moreover since 139 Races – Mercedes, Ferrari and Red Bull made all victories among themselves.

In the past decade, first Red Bull won all titles for four years, then Mercedes all titles for six years , This monotony should stop. “The outsider must have a chance of winning,” said Carey.

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