France-Ample-Prix: change in route layout, Boullier new boss


( – The Ample Prix of France will 2020 take place on a changed layout on the Paul Ricard circuit. The organizers of the race announced on Monday. Former Lotus and McLaren team boss Eric Boullier has also been appointed “Managing Director”.

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The first sector in Paul Ricard should be changed Zoom Download

The route changes have been made to make overtaking in Le Castellet easier. If the FIA ​​officially declares its consent, the route can be adjusted within four days. Already in December it was reported that changes in the first sector of the route should improve the spectacle.

The newly appointed Managing Director Eric Boullier has selected before Journalists in Paris presented the plans that have already been submitted to the FIA. Already for the race on 28. The changes are expected to take effect in June.

“We have been working on this for several months, now we have reached the end,” said the Frenchman. A request to change the route has been made. This is based on the collaboration with Formula 1 management. “We did a lot of simulation work with the FOM.”

A version of the route that has been tested is now being homologated at the FIA. Specifically, it is about the first narrow curve passage to be opened in order to create a much larger first braking point in the area of ​​Sainte-Baume.

“This would result in two long straight lines, and two overtaking opportunities, “explains Boullier. The simulations would have shown that the cars could follow much closer. “If you can't get past Sainte-Baume, it's in the first chicane. The other idea behind it was to force the teams to drive with less downforce.”

Photo gallery: Paul Ricard: high gloss with confusion factor

Formula 1 is back in Le Castellet. 1990 the last Formula 1 Ample Prix took place on the Circuit Paul Ricard. Since then, the course has been barely recognizable. The outdated system has become one of the most modern routes in the world, but it has its problems. Driver reactions: Photo gallery

Before Paul Ricard can make the change, you need the permission of the FIA. Boullier has also emphasized that the chicane will also be driven on the long back straight 2020. “Of course we keep the chicane.”

Boullier joined the organization team of the France Ample Prix in February last year. Initially, he worked as a strategic advisor and ambassador for the race. At the press event on Monday, not only his transportation was discussed, but also a new mobility plan was presented to prevent traffic congestion from previous years.

Paul Ricard already used the park-and-plug device more in the previous year. The shuttle network will be expanded for the match 2020. Fans are to be brought to the track on race Sunday from Marseille, Nice, Bordeaux or Montpellier.

The offer for the surrounding countries will also be expanded. There should also be shuttles from Barcelona, ​​Milan, Turin, Amsterdam and Eindhoven.

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