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Used to be today in the social networks los warfare: +++ Der W 11 Howls at +++ Hamilton's warning motivational guide +++ McLaren receives the Dakar Winner +++

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This is a teaser!

In the past few weeks we have been able to admire some small parts of the new cars, but they have not yet made any connection. The world champion team Mercedes makes united states today really excited for the new season. They are the first to make the new engine roar. So turn up the sound (yes, that's still necessary) and dream of the start of the season!

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Williams has united states take a look at the new chassis! Little to nothing can be seen. The staff, like Crimson Bull, has not yet announced an appointment for the presentation. Anders Haas, who revealed their launch date today ( more here ).

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Winter break level: Ricciardo

The Renault driver shows here pretty much how we feel united states in the race-free time …: D

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McLaren receives the Dakar winner

The staff from Woking are very familiar. The rally legend father of Carlos Sainz is therefore prepared for a reception. After all, he was again successful in the desert rally this year.

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World Champion inspirations

If you follow Lewis Hamilton on social media, you will also regularly get a wisdom of life along the way. Because the six-time champion does not allow a rainy day in his attitude. “Let united go to our limits and take our fellow men with us,” is one of his messages, for example.

In his Instagram epic he goes even further and warns: “Those who died yesterday had plans for this morning. And those who died this morning had plans for tonight. Don't take life for granted. It can happen every second Change. Forgive and love with all your heart. You may not get a second probability. “

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When there were real surprises …

It's been a long time since a staff member found a real loophole in the rules at the start of the season and came around the corner with something innovative. In any case, we do not expect anything in the coming month, modified into once will take on such dimensions, for example:

Double diffuser and co .: The dominant brawn BGP0 01

Giorgio Piola and Jake Boxall-Legge take a look at the Brawn BGP0 01, the dominant car of the Formula 1 season 2009. More Formula 1 movies

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Crimson Bull team boss punchs his way through

Before Christian Horner has to deal with his racing drivers again soon, he first met the former professional boxer Frank Bruno at the weekend. He probably didn't have to pick up any tips – wrestling matches between Max Verstappen and Alex Albon would also 2020 not expected.

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By the way, Mercedes driver Valtteri Bottas has already reported from Australia this weekend. Is he aware that he has to go to Europe again for car presentation and test drives?

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