Correa slams FIA: After the accident, nobody cared about me


Juan Manuel Correa continues his recovery from the tragic accident that killed young Anthoine Hubert at the Formula 2 race at Spa Francorchamps last year. Correa is convinced that he has not received enough support from the FIA, which he believes has left him.

Correa, who suffered multiple bone fractures in both legs and a minor spine fracture, was transported to the UK several days after the accident, where he was diagnosed with acute respiratory distress syndrome. The young racer has been recovering for a long time in an artificial coma, and Correa is convinced that he was forgotten while he was in the hospital.

“The day after the accident, the whole Formula 2 circus went to Italy for the next race while I was fighting for life in the hospital.” Correa told N-TV.

“The doctors needed information about my accident, but no one from the FIA came to give them information about the impact of such a collision. Nobody from FIA cared. At the hospital, they were unaware of the G forces and the aftermath of such a severe collision, while I almost died on the fourth day. When I woke up in the hospital, I could see on my feet how badly I was injured and the pain was unbearable. But the hardest moment was when I heard that Anthoine was dead. “

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