Key meeting: Mercedes will decide on a Formula One exit


As reported by Race Fans and AutoCar, Mercedes will decide on its future in Formula One at a special meeting.

Extremely important upcoming Daimler Committee meeting to be held 12. February, it could seal the future of the Mercedes team in F1 and possibly trigger a series of sensational events, including as regards the future of six-time world champion Lewis Hamilton.

The Daimler group board is expected to discuss the fate of Mercedes in F1 after the year 2020, mainly in terms of whether the German manufacturer should continue as a standalone team or become exclusively a supplier of engines.

The joint report suggests that Mercedes may be inclined to step down as a standalone F1 team, as it has reaped the benefits of its immense dominance in the sport since the introduction of hybrid engines of the year 2014. The declining profits of the carmakers and the resulting cost-cutting measures could convince Daimler to counter the lavish spending needed to maintain the dominance of Mercedes’ F1 team.

In addition, from a strategic point of view, Formula 1, due to the massive electrification of the automotive industry, could be seen as a potential technological impasse. Should Mercedes decide to abandon its team, the question is which team would inherit the extraordinary infrastructure at Brackley and the fate of world champion Lewis Hamilton would be uncertain.

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