Former Formula 1 racer Juan Pablo Montoya has revealed that he is looking forward to seeing his son race against Mick Schumacher in the fastest circus in the coming years. In Formula One, Montoya was considered the great rival of Michael Schumacher, a seven-time world champion.

Mick Schumacher is currently entering his second season of Formula 2 Championships, while Sebastian Montoya, who is just a few years younger, just at the beginning of his racing career. Nevertheless, his father believes that he and Schumacher will definitely meet on the track in the coming years.

“He will be turning 15 soon and will start this season by racing in Formula 4 in Italy, ”Montoya told the Auto Bild.

“He has a lot of fun racing, but it’s up to him to decide and what he really wants to achieve in sports. He has huge potential and is really incredibly good. Sebastian is a little younger than Mick, but these guys will get to know each other in about four years as they race in F1. I’m looking forward to it. “– he said.

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