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( – The first rumors arose in the autumn of the previous year. The McLaren deal was seen as an indication that Mercedes was after the Formula 1 season 2020 withdraw as a separate racing team and only could remain in the premier class as an engine supplier. The next message followed a few weeks later: The Formula 1 future would be “discussed” . Contrary to British media reports, a decision is not yet pending.



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In November Daimler announced a billion-dollar savings program, before that there were Signs that the group is up to 2025 would like to stay . However, all investments are now being checked, including the Formula 1 team. The red pencil is scheduled, announced Daimler CEO Ola Källenius.

Against this background, the silver arrows go into the Formula 1 season 2020 , in which the seventh world championship title is targeted at drivers and designers. Two weeks before the presentation of the new racing car (W 11) On Valentine's Day rumors have now been heard in the British media speculating about a possible exit from the team after this year.

“Not true”: No decisive meeting planned

' 'and' Autocar 'report that Mercedes would decide in two weeks' time at a board meeting whether to exit Formula 1 or not. According to the media reports, this crucial meeting would be on 12. February take place.

According to information from '' no such meeting is planned for this day. Daimler board member Källenius immediately denied the reports. Opposite ' Reuters ' the Swede explains that the claim – Mercedes is preparing for the Formula 1 exit before – “not true” is.

This speculation sprouts up because Mercedes only ends 2020 is bound to Formula 1. The new Concorde settlement with Liberty Media has not yet been signed. Boss Crawl Carey recently emphasized, however, that one was in “ the last few moves ” and that new contract with the teams will soon be ready for signature.

Toto Wolff shows united states of americadie Mercedes factory

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The Mercedes board must first agree to this new contract. Only then is another future for the world champions in the premier class secure. In December, team boss Toto Wolff said: “We have to become more efficient, represent a solid commercial case and reduce the grants from Daimler to our program. If united states of americadas succeeds, then we will stay in Formula 1 in the long term . “

Källenius also reaffirmed : “We are committed.” For Wolff, an exit would be to 2020 “ certainly not correct “. As the sport is currently developing in a sure direction – the budget limit Mercedes could also meet, among other things.

The bare figures prove that funding for Mercedes has paid off in recent years. With a Daimler subsidy of just under 76 Million Euros 2018, Formula 1 could Team for the automaker a advertising value of over one billion euros per year .

Hamilton denies rumors about contract negotiation

In the exclusive interview with ' ' Wolff said when asked about the exit scenario: “Everything indicates that we will stay. But it is not a sure-fire success.” He also emphasized: “At the moment there is no indication that we want to do anything differently. There is no target date. Because at the moment everything is set for us to participate in this platform in the long term.”

The British media reports also indicated that an option for Mercedes was the sale of the factory team Aston Martin would be. There is Lawrence Stroll , team owner of Racing Point in conversation as an investor. A stay as an engine manufacturer – after all, there are long-term contracts with Racing Point, Williams and McLaren (from 2021) – would therefore only be logical. But Wolff also resisted.

“We have four teams that we supply, united states of america inclusive. There are only pregnant or not pregnant, not half pregnant. Either we take part in the Platform part or not. ” The speculations about a possible Mercedes exit also affect the driver market.

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Lewis Hamilton is the focus of the early “Silly Season”, because with Max Verstappen and Charles Leclerc, Red Bull and Ferrari have long-term ties before the season starts. Only Mercedes is the only top team that has not signed long-term driver contracts. Rumors about the negotiations between the Celeb and the racing team have increased in the past few weeks.

There has been talk of horrendous demands and sums of money. Up to 90 millions of buck annual loan Hamilton would ask of his team, otherwise the Change to Ferrari 2021). In fact, the Brit flirted with the Italians last year, but there is no truth to the rumors, he clarifies now.

On Instagram he writes 35 – Year-olds about alleged contract negotiations: “Just for information: Toto and I, we have not even talked about a contract. Nothing is currently being negotiated. The newspapers just make up these stories.” And the Brit thinks little of the exit scenario. At the end of last year he said: “ Mercedes is here to stay . “

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