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“Fun time with my father,” Lewis Hamilton wrote under the video on his social media channels a few days ago. Under the hashtag “father and son”, the six-time world champion published a video in which he listens to and sings music with father Anthony and two other people while driving. The relationship between the two Hamiltons was not always as relaxed as these days.

Lewis Hamilton


“Our relationship is now fantastic. Unfortunately, that was not always the case, but that’s what happens in families, “comments Hamilton. In the meantime, his father had taken on four jobs at the same time to feed his family and to finance Hamilton’s karting career.

Anthony Hamilton was an outsider in motorsport, but quickly recognized his son’s skill. He did everything to support little Lewis. When Hamilton 2007 actually got into Formula 1, his father was also his manager and constant companion.

Hamilton junior: “I never wanted that”

The World Cup title 2008 the whole family celebrated boisterously. But only two years later the hard break followed . The then McLaren pilot parted ways with his manager – and with that he also moved away from his father. Anthony Hamilton reveals that this separation was by no means carried out by mutual consent.

“Definitely not. It broke my heart,” says the 63 – Yearlings in the Netflix series ” My Subsequent Visitor Wants No Introduction “with talk show grass David Letterman. “Since he started at the age of eight, we have always had a loving father-son relationship with each other.”

But over the years, the deepest relationship between the two suffered more and more from the professional. “2010 all of a sudden it stopped. It was really hard. We didn’t do that year or the one on it talked to each other. ” The close team split up.

It took years for Hamilton senior to understand the separation. “If I look back now, I can see that he was looking at himself. I wouldn’t say so much that he broke my heart, but my heart was broken.”

Hamilton junior was looking for himself unhappy that the father was only a manager. “Sometimes you have to take your time so that you can grow and only then return to old relationships,” says the Mercedes driver today.

“When you get older, you realize how valuable time is. I have friends who no longer have a father, or have been with him since 25 or 30 years no longer talk. I never wanted that. ” The two have come closer again in the past few years.

Father-son relationship, “which I wished for”

2018 Hamilton proudly celebrated the first Christmas with the whole family. “It was the first Christmas when we were reunited as a family. It shows how strong the family has grown and how much we have come closer to each other.” Also the 63. He celebrated his birthday in London until the early hours of the morning with his father.

“My father is the greatest man for me,” adds the 35 – year-olds added. He seems stronger than ever and happy to have his father back. Anthony Hamilton, on the other hand, was not at all surprised that it would be enough for the son at some point.

“I knew that this moment would come someday. It is just like having your parents constantly at work I just worked hard because I didn’t want him to fail. Whether that was intestine or bad for my relationship with Lewis … ”

Lewis Hamilton


Postscript: “I always went full throttle because I could always see this brilliance in Lewis, still today.” Meanwhile, Hamilton manages himself. He wants to leave the difficult chapter behind once and for all. “This is a very personal matter. I am sure that we will go into it a little bit more at some point.”

This only shows that the Hamilton family is also a normal family with problems. “The most important thing is that these problems are solved and you can look ahead again and grow with them. That was not successful. We now understand very well and have the father-son relationship that I always wanted.”

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