(Motorsport-Total.com) – “Formula 1 is not only a technical and sporting challenge, but also a political ” is one of those lessons, Ferrari team boss Mattia Binotto learned in his error analysis of the season 2019 at the head of Scuderia. The Italian has identified a weakness of the red in the political game, he wants to change that in the upcoming season.

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“That probably has one of our weaknesses in the season, “said the team boss when asked about the political hack of the previous year. Ferrari was particularly in the focus of attention from the second half of the season, when speculation about the vitality advantage was heard on the straights.

The competition asked the FIA ​​for some clarifications of the regulations, which fell controversial comments from competitors and drivers (“ This happens when you stop cheating “). In an interview with 'Motorsport-Total.com', Binotto takes a closer look at the difficult situation of the team in public perception.

“We are not intestine enough in polemics. There are people They are better. They use the media to build pressure. We have to understand how we can do it better and act better in the future, because that is also part of the balance of power in one season. “

Although Ferrari has shown with the progress on the engine side how much the manufacturer has increased, Binotto did not take the accusations about the development as a compliment. “It's polemical for me. They point their fingers at us. It's just about building pressure.”

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Because after each critical comment, the team boss checked. He had to answer questions. The news situation was dictated by the competition. “You have to answer every question in interviews. There was a certain tendency, we have to live with that.”

Binotto describes his team as young, since many people would act in relatively new positions , “As a new group, we always have to deal with new situations.” But he is also proud of his engine department. From the blatant backlog after the introduction of hybrid engines 2014, the Group rose to the bar 2019.

“I am very satisfied and I know that this will not happen in a year . 2014, when the new structure was introduced, we were miles behind our opponents. The battle a long development until we could finally challenge them. ” Binotto has always rejected any illegality of the drive as untrue .



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