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Corona virus: Vietnam debut also at risk?

The looming pandemic remains an issue. After Formula E has already postponed its China race at the end of March, Formula 1 also remains vigilant ( here more ) , And that obviously does not only affect the China Sizable Prix on 19. April. The road circuit in Vietnam is due to make its debut two weeks earlier. 1.912, 80 km as the crow flies from the Shanghai Global Circuit you are also warned there.

Opposite 'RaceFans.internet' the organizers of the race in the capital Hanoi let them know: “We are monitoring the subject of all care. At the moment we do not expect it to affect our event in April. We will continue to coordinate with the relevant authorities in the usa. “

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The voice continues

The Miami-Sizable-Prix project – an endless story? There is at least regular news from Florida. Only they are mostly about protests by residents against Formula 1, which are already 2021 should drive around the Hard Rock Stadium ( here more ). They now want to meet for demonstrations every Sunday.

The police even intervened last Sunday – but only because the anti-motorsport opponents met anti-circumcision demonstrators. So it remains a strange story …

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But if your Accomplice after you 28 If you look at the “undressing” for years how these somewhat older mechanics look at the MP4 / 6, then everything is intestine! : D

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The other side of the coin

Honestly: We are all sometimes a little jealous of the glamor life of the Formula 1 stars. In these moments, however, less …

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Old scam …

But people at Mercedes can forget that we're falling for it again. This is not the first time that the world champion team has played with the suggestion that something could change in the color scheme of the car. In the end it's just a subtle, colored stripe on the silver chassis …

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