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Ricciardo sings during the races!

Daniel Ricciardo battle last night to guest on the US talk show “The On each day basis screen “by Trevor Noah . The Australian spoke, among other things, about his move from Red Bull to Renault, which is also addressed in the new Netflix season “Drive to Live to sigh the tale”. The screen also helped to make Formula 1 better known in the USA, the Australian notes.

Ricciardo says of his open, funny artwork: “The others do not help the sport with their artwork and manner. In Australia I grew up with sunshine and the beach, that simply transforms your personality into bliss.”

He is also asked whether it is actually possible to drive headlong through a tunnel in a Formula 1 car: “I have never done that before. But with all the downforce, we could drive headlong through a tunnel at the right speed . That would look great on TV! But let’s try Vin Diesel first. “

Regarding the technical component of sports actions, Ricciardo says: “This is probably the one side that I don't like so much about my job. In tennis, you can only blame it on the racket to a certain extent. But our sport depends very much on Gear off. “

And about his driving behavior on normal roads: “You would be disappointed. I drive very relaxed and sing in the car.” He also sings in his head on the racetrack, he admits. “Sometimes a race is just boring. So I have to have a little conversation myself.”

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Zandvoort: That's how it looks at the moment

Zandvoort shows new photos of the construction site again today. Work is progressing, new asphalt was applied today. The construction work should be finished by the end of February at the latest.

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Leclerc & Vettel duel in the snow

The Ferrari drivers gathered in Val Gardena last weekend. As ' sportnews.bz ' reports, Sebastian Vettel and Charles Leclerc competed against each other in the snow with caterpillars , Whoever won the match in South Tyrol is not known.

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Not everything went according to opinion

… is in the cool climate at Mercedes. That is what america engine chief Andy Cowell knows in this video. Learn more!

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A little preview

In the past few days, the groups have outdone themselves to make the new cars as curious as possible. For example, they post pictures in which you can see something, but actually see nothing. We are eagerly waiting for the new AlphaTauri manufacture …

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