Mercedes engine boss: preparation with “small problems”


( – The Mercedes crew is in the middle of preparations for the title defense 2020. The silver arrows above the iciness wanted to catch up especially on the drive. The improvements don't seem to have been achieved without technical difficulties, the crew reveals in a Twitter video on Tuesday.

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Andy Cowell, the Mercedes engine chief, reported in a short video clip about the latest developments in the engine forge in Brixworth. The Briton also had to admit that “fighting a few small problems” was necessary to make progress on the drive side.

The video was accompanied by the saying: “If you don't suffer setbacks you're just not trying hard enough. ” The Mercedes engine was already presented to the public with a short preview , already on 28. The drive unit was started for the first time in January.

“A lot is happening right now in Brixworth, many improvements to the entire drive unit, the ERS, including the combustion engine,” explains Cowell. “While we were putting everything together, we had to solve a few minor problems.”

His team is currently concentrating on building the right specification so that assessments can be carried out on the test bench and the engines can be tested Deliver teams. In addition to the factory team, 2020 also received Racing Point and Williams engines from Brixworth.

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“Then we have to provide all the hardware for the assessments. ” At the 14. February Mercedes is called the new racing car, W 11 Present Silverstone. After that, from 19. February the first winter tests take place in Barcelona – a first endurance test for the engine.

Only six test days are provided to the teams and manufacturers to prepare for the season, after which takes place on 15. The season opener in Australia took place in March. According to Cowell, Mercedes is ready and is already putting together the racing engines for the three teams and six cars.

“Numerous parts have already been manufactured, and now they are being assembled. Then we face the next one Challenge: To move these parts to the other side of the globe. ” The Briton emphasizes that this is a stressful time for the engine manufacturer.

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