(Motorsport-Full.com) – The Mercedes crew was the focus of the public during the winter break. However, not because of the continued success of the past few years and the preparation for the defense of the title again, but above all because of persistent rumors about a possible Formula 1 exit . Now Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff has personally spoken to the speculations.



Mercedes indicates, also 2021 in the formula 1 want to stay Zoom Download

“Mercedes drives with certainty 2021. We want to stay with it. Formula 1 makes for united statesSinn “, he denies the exit rumors about ' auto motor und sport '. Previously, Daimler board member Ola Källenius had rejected a possible exit after this season as untrue.

Dieter Zetsche's successor has been since May 2019 in office and had to announce a savings package just a few months later. The group has to save costs and personnel, all activities are checked.

Formula 1 a “worthwhile investment”

Therefore, Wolff points out that the general conditions – specifically the new Concorde settlement with Liberty Media, which has not yet been signed by a crew and will start 2021 should apply – must “vote”. The premier class had to “work” for the group.

Already in the exclusive interview with 'Motorsport-Full.com ' Wolff spoke about the impending exit scenario and meant: “Everything indicates that we are staying. But it is not a sure-fire success.” It is likely to remain on the right terms.

Above all, the Formula 1 company must make a profit. Already in December of the previous year, the Austrian emphasized that his team had to become “more efficient” in order to reduce the subsidies from Daimler to the Formula 1 program. “If united states succeeds, we will stay in Formula 1 in the long term.”

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Källenius confirms this statement. In the FIA ​​magazine ' Auto ' the Swede denied leaving the sport due to the cost savings Daimler. “We have won the World Championship six times in a row. This is unique and, in terms of marketing, has more than paid off.”

Formula 1 was therefore very “worthwhile “Been an investment. The crew received around 80 million greenback grant from Daimler, but achieved a legitimate year around a billion in advertising value for the silver star. According to ' RaceFans.procure ' the crew operated last year with a budget of 420 million US greenback.

The majority of it was donated by the Formula 1 management (180 millions) and through sponsors (120 Millions) covered, more 40 The crew earned millions through technical partnerships. A budget limit of 175 million greenback (including exceptions) could meet the crew and further reduce the costs for Daimler.

Wolff on the “long leash” of Daimler

Wolff himself is with 30 percent involved in Formula 1 crew who Shares (ten percent) of the late Chairman of the Supervisory Board Niki Lauda went back to Daimler . In an interview with 'auto motor und sport', the team boss emphasized that he was playing his role with fun.

“Who can say that he has a joint mission with Mercedes? Leash enough long enough that I can lead the crew the way I think it's best for the crew. ” With this, he emphasizes again that he cannot imagine any other role in motorsport at the moment, although he has already been associated with the post of Liberty boss Chase Carey.

No one has yet Formula 1 crew set for the season 2021, negotiations with Liberty Media are ongoing in the background. Exciting detail: On Tuesday evening it became known that the Mercedes crew had signed a “multi-year” sponsorship deal with the technology company AMD. Another indication of whereabouts?

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