Calendar full: Would a shift in the Chinese GP even be possible?


( – Became makes Formula 1 with the Chinese Grand Prix? The race in Shanghai is on the brink thanks to the corona virus. Numerous sporting events have already been canceled, so it only seems to be a matter of time before Formula 1 follows the example. But then used to be happens? Do you cancel the race completely or do you just postpone it?

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The way for Shanghai in the calendar is as difficult zoom Download

“We will Let us have the opportunity to run the race later in the year, “Formula 1 sports director Ross Brawn said yesterday. Because it is clear: The series does not want to miss the entry fees and sees China as an immensely important market. “We would like to have a race in China,” emphasizes Brawn.

But there is still the possibility to start the race in one with 22 Grands Prix to postpone a prodigious calendar anyway? There will be no exchange with another race – for example Russia. Because no promoter will voluntarily steal six months of advertising time.

A run is only realistic in the second half of the year, when the self-discipline has improved again by then. However, a look at the calendar reveals that it is not so easy to take a weekend off.

30. August: Belgium

September 6: Italy

13. September: free

20. September: Singapore

27. September: Russia

October 4: free

11. October: Japan

18. October: free

25. October: USA

November 1: Mexico

November 8: free

15. November: Brazil

22. November: free

29. November: Abu Dhabi

December 6: free

13. December: free

There are two main things to consider when moving. After France-Austria-Great Britain 2018 the groups don't want another triple Header to avoid further burdening the employees. At that time there were even three European races without long flights, jet lag or customs complications. This would be logistically impossible for overseas races.

No space available

In addition, China has not been granted a support-to-support slot in the recent past because of some problems with customs.

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24.09.2000: Grand Prix der USA in Indianapolis. Das erste Premierenrennen der Formel 1 nach der Jahrtausendwende ist eigentlich keines. Einen Großen Preis der USA hatten schon mehrere Rennstrecken ausgerichtet, und zwischen 1950 und 1960 zählte das Indianapolis 500 zur Formel 1. Doch 2000 gingen die Piloten erstmals auf der 4,129 Kilometer langen Strecke an den Start, die das berühmte Oval mit einem Straßenkurs verbindet.

24. 09. 2000: Broad Prix of the USA in Indianapolis. The first Formula 1 premiere race after the turn of the millennium is actually not one. A US Grand Prix had already hosted several racetracks, and between 1950 and 1960 counted the Indianapolis 500 to Formula 1. But 2000 the pilots went on the 4 for the first time, 129 km long route to the beginning that connects the famous oval with a street course. Photo gallery

If you consider these two things, inserting them into the calendar is impossible. The groups refuse to shorten the summer break by putting the race on a week to Budapest, all other slots are occupied. With the 13. September would have five races in a row, the four free weekends that followed would mean four races in a row – and that with nonsensical travel routes like Mexico – China – Brazil to Abu Dhabi, but that would also be impractical for three races in different time zones. The only possibility would be to extend the season .

Does Abu Dhabi move backwards?

However, it is questionable whether the groups would be ready to hold another Broad Prix in China after the already exhausting season, which would take place in mid-December when the preparations for 2021 are already in full swing. And then there is the fact that Abu Dhabi is allowed to hold the season finale according to the contract.

The only way to avoid this is to postpone Abu Dhabi by a week and Shanghai to the original final slot puts. But here, too, the groups should not be pleased with the additional burden at the end of the season.

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Should you decide to do so, then you should not neglect a look at the weather: In December the temperatures average three to eleven degrees Celsius with ten hours of sunlight legit Imprint. A gray weekend in a gray paddock would be guaranteed quickly – not exactly attractive for the end of the season.

Whether the Formula 1 season 21 or 22 will have races, but remains to be seen first.

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