The FIA’s Safety department has achieved its investigation into the accident in the FIA Procedure 2 Championship flee at Spa-Francorchamps on 31 August 2019, wherein French driver Anthoine Hubert suffered lethal injuries and Juan Manuel Correa from the United States become as soon as seriously injured

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The investigation incorporated interviews with these inviting, inspection of the bodily evidence, prognosis of accessible video enviornment cloth, as correctly as examination of the guidelines from the crew Records Logger and Accident Records Recorder. This investigative work has been seek for-reviewed by the FIA Analysis Working Neighborhood, chaired by Professor Gérard Saillant. The findings were current by the FIA Safety Price, which is led by Price President Sir Patrick Head, and provided to the World Motor Sport Council.

The investigation centered on the four vehicles that were angry in regards to the accident – #19 driven by Anthoine Hubert, #12 driven by Juan Manuel Correa, #20 driven by Frenchman Giuliano Alesi, and #21 driven by Switzerland’s Ralph Boschung. 

Finally of the outlet lap, an unrelated incident inviting a silly-transferring car precipitated a yellow flag at Turns 12 and 13 (Fagnes). The flee leader started lap 2, at which point sector 1 become as soon as below a green flag.

The accident sequence, which lasted a total of 14.6 seconds, become as soon as initiated on lap 2 when Giuliano Alesi misplaced regulate of his car on the exit of Flip 3 (Eau Rouge), before all the things spinning and leaving the display screen on the left-hand aspect, before impacting the barrier rearwards 1.9 seconds after the shortcoming of regulate and rebounding onto the display screen after Flip 4 (Raidillon). The investigation has highlighted a moderately priced probability that an absence of inside stress of the unbiased rear tyre contributed to the shortcoming of regulate of Giuliano Alesi’s car.

Following the affect of Giuliano Alesi’s car with the barrier, the particles from broken draw become as soon as spread onto the flee display screen. In an attempt to protect remote from Giuliano Alesi and the particles, Ralph Boschung after which Anthoine Hubert moved to the unbiased, leaving the display screen and entering the flee-off role of Flip 4. The reaction of Ralph Boschung and Anthoine Hubert to the accident of Automobile #20 started ahead of the yellow flag being deployed, resulting from the proximity of these vehicles on the time of the incident. The yellow flag become as soon as deployed by the marshals at Publish 5 (Flip 4) 1.8 seconds after the affect of Giuliano Alesi’s car with the barrier.

Finally of this manoeuvre, Ralph Boschung slowed more all of sudden than Anthoine Hubert, who took motion to protect remote from a collision by transferring further to the unbiased. Despite this circulation, Anthoine Hubert made contact with the back of Ralph Boschung’s car, dropping his entrance flit and inflicting a unbiased rear tyre puncture to Ralph Boschung ahead.

Travelling at 262 km/h and with his entrance flit lacking, Anthoine Hubert misplaced regulate and become as soon as space on a trajectory in opposition to the barrier on the unbiased-hand aspect of the Flip 4 exit flee-off role, which he impacted at an perspective of roughly 40 degrees at a tempo of 216 km/h, producing a prime power equivalent to 33.7g.

Following the affect and vitality absorption by the barrier, the automobile become as soon as ejected and continued to wander in the racing route while rotating, such that the left-hand aspect of the chassis become as soon as going via oncoming vehicles in the flee-off role of Flip 4.

In the interim, Juan Manuel Correa become as soon as drawing advance the scene of Giuliano Alesi’s accident. He become as soon as travelling roughly on the racing line, in opposition to the unbiased-hand aspect of the display screen on the exit of Flip 4 when he hit particles left in the back of from Giuliano Alesi’s car. The affect with the particles become as soon as roughly 1.5 seconds after the yellow flag had been deployed and it resulted in entrance-unbiased suspension damage and the shortcoming of the entrance flit, inflicting Juan Manuel Correa to lose regulate. His car veered to the unbiased, off target and into the flee-off role of Flip 4, setting him on a trajectory that would result in the automobile-to-car affect with Anthoine Hubert 1.6 seconds later. 

Juan Manuel Correa hit the left-hand aspect of Anthoine Hubert’s car at an approximate perspective of 86 degrees and a tempo of 218 km/h, while the automobile of Anthoine Hubert become as soon as nearly about stationary. Automobile #12 (Juan Manuel Correa) and Automobile #19 (Anthoine Hubert) skilled a resultant prime power equivalent to 65.1g and 81.8g.

Following the automobile-to-car affect, Anthoine Hubert’s car become as soon as accelerated to 105.4 km/h and struck the barrier a 2d time before rebounding back in opposition to the display screen.

Double yellow flags were deployed 2.5 seconds after the automobile-to-car affect, followed by a crimson flag 2.7 seconds later as Automobile #19 (Anthoine Hubert) came to leisure on display screen on its left-hand aspect, with Automobile #12 (Juan Manuel Correa) stopping in an inverted role on display screen 2.6 seconds later.

The scientific and rescue response started 12 seconds after the preliminary lack of regulate of Automobile #20 (Giuliano Alesi), without delay after the double yellow flag become as soon as deployed and ahead of Automobile #12 (Juan Manuel Correa) coming to leisure. The first on role scientific review of Anthoine Hubert become as soon as achieved 54 seconds after the crimson flag. 

At 16 seconds after the deployment of the crimson flag, a fireplace started below Automobile #12 (Juan Manuel Correa) resulting from a gas leak. The fire become as soon as extinguished by a marshal inside 2 seconds and the first on role scientific review of Juan Manuel Correa become as soon as achieved 69 seconds after the crimson flag.

The first extrication crew arrived on the scene inside 2 minutes of the accident occurring.

In summary, the findings of the investigation are as follows:

•    A chain of occasions resulted in a prolonged and complicated break sequence inviting four drivers, which in the extinguish led to a high-tempo ‘T-Bone’ form affect between the vehicles of Juan Manuel Correa and Anthoine Hubert.

•    The dynamics of the automobile-to-car affect by the use of tempo and trajectory were such that a in particular high level of vitality become as soon as transferred and dissipated, translating into non-survivable trauma to Anthoine Hubert and extremely serious injuries to Juan Manuel Correa.

•    There become as soon as no single notify trigger but more than one contributory factors giving rise to the severity of the accident were identified, following an intensive prognosis of the many phases of the accident.

•    The investigation came across no evidence that any driver did no longer react precisely basically based fully totally on the yellow flag signal or to the cases on display screen.

•    The reaction of marshals and flee regulate in deploying signaling and rescue companies in the case of the accident is even handed timely and factual.

Safety development is a continuous job, therefore conclusions drawn from this accident and others like it from across the realm would maybe be integrated into the ongoing work of the FIA to further get motor sport security. In 2019 the FIA Safety department achieved investigations into 28 serious and lethal accidents connected to circuit racing, supported by the ASN (Nationwide Carrying Authority) in every country.


The Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile is the governing physique of world motor sport and the federation of the realm’s leading motoring organisations. Founded in 1904, it brings collectively 240 national motoring and carrying organisations from larger than 144 nations, representing hundreds and hundreds of motorists worldwide. In motor sport, it administers the rules and regulations for all world four-wheel sport, including the FIA Procedure One World Championship and FIA World Rally Championship.

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