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Is the silver arrow losing its shine?

With this Twitter teaser, the world champion crew is particularly responsible for discussions on social media. First of all, of course, the joy is great that 2020 the red star, which is reminiscent of Niki Lauda, ​​who died last year, is emblazoned on the Mercedes.

But the question is whether an important assemble explain has already been revealed here. Is the new silver arrow (at least for the most part) painted matt? That would at least follow Vogue, which Toro Rosso and Ferrari have also gone with. As we mentioned earlier these days: Mercedes likes to fool united states with its teasers;)

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Schumacher's first Ferrari for sale

You have now determined to the F 310 Ten cylinder thought, with the record world champion Michael Schumacher 1996 contested his first season for Scuderia, right? The racing car collectors from Girardo & Co now have something else on offer: The Ferrari 412 T2 – one of the last V 12 – legends!

What does he have to do with Schumacher? In this he drove his first test drive 1995 in Fiorano. Previously, Jean Alesi had his first and only win in Canada. How much the car is worth is not known. Here is the seller's information.

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Hamilton with real estate worries?

If you are looking for a representative penthouse in the Noveca York district of Tribeca, you can contact world champion Hamilton. Because he has been trying to get rid of his property there for some time. According to 'architecturaldigest.com' the apartment with a modest five bedrooms was already available in March round 57 million US dollars (approx. 51. 982. 290 Euro) for sale. The price was now on 52 million US dollars (approx. 47. 422. 440 Euro) pressed.

Hamilton had declared last year that he, too, would be reducing his jet-set life in order to become more environmentally friendly in the future ( here more ).

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And even before the start of the season!

News about Mercedes crew pleasure in the snow: After team boss Toto Wolff got off the track (we reported in the highlights), it has now also the trunk – and substitute drivers Valtteri Bottas and Esteban Gutierrez caught. Hopefully this is not a bad omen …: D

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Worth a try battle …

Mercedes asked the world champion fans on Twitter to lend a hand to the assembly. You don't see red yet …

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How Formula 1 drivers really train

This fresh wind, which the young drivers brought into the premier class, is not something for everyone. Here returnee Esteban Ocon tests whether his new team-mate Daniel Ricciardo can still keep up …

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Birthday child of the day

With 24) years ago, Toro Rosso driver Pierre Gasly in Formula 1, which was further rejuvenated, has now quickly become old fashioned. Lando Norris (20), George Russell (21), Lance Stroll (21), Charles Leclerc (22), Max Verstappen (22), Alexander Albon (23) and Esteban Ocon (23) are all younger! We still wish you all the best! 😉

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You can't leave it

Incidentally, Gasly also belongs to the genre of racing drivers, which you can't keep away from a steering wheel for five minutes …

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