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( – Formula 1 beats 2021 a new way. But does the new regulations really need to be in place if the field is getting ever closer under the current framework? Sports director Ross Brawn finds this thought too short-sighted. He describes the new set of rules as a “necessary restart”.

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The stability of the regulations has the potential to bring the field closer together. Major changes, however, have shown in the past that they tend to pull the field apart. Most of the time, one of the top teams was able to extend their lead over the rest of the field – 2014 Mercedes, 2010 Crimson Bull.

Liberty Media cannot exclude this scenario for the season 2021. But the Briton emphasizes that this is not a reason to question the new rules right away. In a conversation with selected media in his office in London, Brawn took the time to talk about the revolution 2021 and their consequences.

“Don't want tankers, but robust racing cars”

There are far more important concerns for the head of sports than a possible imbalance in the balance of power: the costs, the distance between the top teams and the midfield and the current concept of Formula 1 cars. “From an aerodynamic point of view, the cars are currently behaving horribly when they get closer to another.”

Liberty Media wanted to address this worry together with the FIA ​​with the new aero concept for 2021 under control. “There has never been enough thought about how these cars have to drive against each other. They have an abundance of parts that fall off as soon as you look at them.” In Brawn's eyes, these are not really racing cars.

“We don't want a tanker, but a car that is sturdy enough to race properly. And we lost that somewhere.” If the new regulations solve this worry, he will be happy to accept that his staff will have a clear advantage.

Brawn is much more concerned with the long-term future of sport. “I accept how it happened 2009 that someone gets it right and others don't, “he says on his victorious triumphal procession with BrawnGP and the double diffuser .

“I think we have to look at united states rather the fact that in the recent past only three groups won and they would continue to win because nobody gets close enough. ” This creates a risk, says Brawn. “With the budgets that these groups spend, a slight slump in the economy can become a worry.”

He admits that 2021 there is the probability that a personnel could hit the bull's eye. Nevertheless, Brawn is convinced of the rule change. “This is a necessary restart. Otherwise, I don't know if we can correct our current self-discipline.”

Rules 2021 struggle “a fight”

For the former Ferrari “super brain” and Mercedes team boss, the mantra of the stable regulations appears as propaganda for those who benefit the most: the top teams. Mercedes, Ferrari and Crimson Bull would like to keep their dominant notify, he believes.

Crimson Bull team boss Christian Horner already has a true one for the upcoming season “ Classic “predicts a three-way battle for the world title. “Yes, and that's their defense,” replies the sports director. “They think that if we continue like this, the competition will improve due to the stability.”

However, this argument only applies to the top teams. “These are groups that probably spend almost half a billion. We don't think that's a good starting point. We want Formula 1 groups to have lasting success.”

Photo gallery: The ten most memorable F1 rule changes

# 10: Only the backbenchers are allowed to drive – she is the big trump card of the Williams team. But that's not the only reason why the FIA ​​wants active suspension at the Canada Salubrious Prix 1993 insert a bolt. The advanced but incredibly costly technology is classified by the commissioners during the technical inspection as driving aid and has been found to be non-compliant in all groups. The same applies to the cars that rely on traction control. Background: The systems hydraulically influence the aerodynamics or partially remove control of the propulsion from the pilot. There is a threatening backdrop that Scuderia Italia backbenchers Michele Alboreto and Luca Badoer are the only starters in Montreal. The ban is postponed until the beginning 1994, but then enforced . photo gallery

For Brawn it is also important to emphasize that until recently in Formula 1, change only ever happened when something was reacted to. “This struggle is a reflex. If there was a crisis, it was reacted to at short notice. However, the chase was not based on proper research.”

This is why many rule changes in the past were less effective, Brawn believes. “Sometimes exactly the opposite of what was wanted was accomplished.” He cites the economic crisis as an example 2008. “Suddenly there were initiatives to control costs.”

If these initiatives had been introduced two or three years earlier, Brawn claims that it would not have gotten as many groups out. In this new era, Liberty is trying to identify the goals of Formula One and how to best achieve them and in harmony with nature.

The 65 – Year-old is satisfied with the progress and the rules for the coming year , “It really is a struggle,” he smiles. “Not so much internal, more external!” That was a challenge, but he had expected nothing less. “I think we have achieved a lot in the past three years and can continue to develop united states.”

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