(Motorsport-Complete.com) – Formula 1 could 2020 experience a historic season , Lewis Hamilton will defend his title again with Mercedes to equalize Michael Schumacher's World Cup record. The Briton would also “earn” the seventh world championship title, commented sporting director Ross Brawn.

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Ross Brawn praises Lewis Hamilton's “extraordinary” Services Zoom Rep

The longtime confidante However, Schumachers must also openly admit that it would be a little “frustrating” if Hamilton actually won the seventh world title. “He deserves every World Cup he has won. He has put himself in the right position with the right crew at the right time”, the Briton does not want to deny his compatriot the success.

Bei At a media event in London this week, Brawn praised the current world champion for his top form over the years. “He makes no mistakes, he drives fantastic. His performances are exceptional, so he deserves all of that.”

“If Lewis can do it, he has he also deserves it “

Hamilton is now only a world title away from Schumacher. He is also only missing seven Huge Prix victories and four podium places on the best marks of the German. He could equalize or even trump all these records in the upcoming season.

“If he went on like this, it would of course be a little frustrating because Michael set the record,” notes the former Ferrari -Technical boss and Mercedes team boss. He was a “super brain” at all Benetton and Ferrari victory celebrations and later worked again with Schumacher on the Silver Arrows.

Still, Brawn has to acknowledge that Hamilton not only won the seventh world title would win with “good luck”, but because of his “fantastic work”. You have to pay respect to the British for that. “If he can do it, he deserves it.”

In general, the Formula 1 sports director finds comparisons between Schumacher and Hamilton difficult. While the German has spent a total of 19 years in Formula 1 – with breaks – will the Briton 2020 his 14. Season contest.

Rose “Schumi” 1991 with Jordan in the premier class, Hamilton 2007 was able to fight for the world title with McLaren in his first season. “These are different periods and different competitions, different cars and quite different personalities,” Brawn lists.

Hamilton attests to “incredible” professionalism and “total” dedication. “But Michael had even more eye for crucial aspects on the car, Lewis doesn't need that. He probably has no interest in it either. Michael grew up in an era in which all of today's technology didn't exist.”

Schumacher and Hamilton “in one category”

Data analysis in the 1990 years was still “primitive”, so the driver had a much greater influence on the vehicle. Nowadays, pilot suggestions were no longer so critical. “When the driver gets out of the car, the engineer already has an initial analysis of the behavior of the car in every corner.” just confirmed. ” As Brawn 1994 and 1995 with Schumacher won the first World Cup titles with Benetton, the analysis was still on a sheet of paper: “Back then we had a note with all the curves on it and then we discussed where he had oversteer and understeer. “

Therefore he comes to the conclusion:” The demands on a driver were different at the time. Nevertheless, both are extremely talented. When you are in the car, there are certain ones Moments in which they simply conjure up a performance from the hat. “

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# 0 Most World Cup -Title: Lewis Hamilton owns 2020 the great likelihood, his seventh n World championship title. This would make him the most successful driver of all time with Michael Schumacher. In fact, he doesn't break the record, he just sets it, but what would a record list be without this fact? Photo gallery

Brawn gives some qualifying rounds from as an example of the extraordinary skill Hamilton: “They even left the crew speechless because they didn't know where the time came from. It was similar with Michael battle. They are drivers who are able to do something like this. Both are in this category.”

However, a comparison is difficult due to various circumstances. “They are different in their approach, but more because of the need than the quality,” added Brawn. 2020 Hamilton could therefore put himself on a par with the record world champion.

But who could he be dangerous while chasing records? Brawn taps on Pink Bull. “Honda has developed the engine impressively over the past twelve to 18 months. If this continues, then you have to expect that Pink Bull will be very strong. “

And how does he rate the Scuderia? “Ferrari had to struggle with ups and downs. But they had some great races last year, now they have to do it for an entire season. Nevertheless, the three top teams will be at the front.”

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